Fully Funded International Undergraduate Scholarship in Canada 2018


The MasterCard Foundation in collaboration with the McGill University Canada is offering The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program to all international undergraduate students who intend to start studying in this coming year 2018/2019.

Students who are from a socio-economic disadvantaged background, and demonstrates excellent leadership and academic abilities are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is targeted at students from French speaking countries, including sub-Saharan countries.

In Africa, there are many students who are unable to continue their education after graduating secondary school. Considering the rate of poverty and the high number of financially disadvantaged people living in Africa, it is notable to say that this has played a big role in preventing young students from enrolling for a degree program anywhere. Some students who are intelligent often get scholarships to fund their education.

One of the greatest mistakes some young people make is going to apply for academic loan. This has posed to be a big problem for them upon graduation. Why did I say so? This is because when they graduates, they will be required to pay back the loan they took to fund their education. At this time of their life, they should be seeking a job and planning on how to establish their life not worrying on how to pay back loans. In order to avoid this hassle and stress, it is more advisable to seek a student grant for your education.

Thanks to The MasterCard Foundation which is offering over $27 million worth of scholarships to eligible undergraduates from sub-Saharan African countries for the next decade. McGill University will be hosting over 91 successful at their campus. This institution offers various degree programs.

Access to quality education, full financial support, good mentoring services, community services, and employment opportunities will be benefitted by the recipients of this student grant offered by The MasterCard Foundation.

This scholarship has been offered since 2013.

Scholarship Deadline

All applications for this scholarship should be submitted by 10th December 2017.

Scholarship Worth

Fully funded scholarship that lasts throughout one’s degree period.

Target Countries

Sub-Saharan African countries and French speaking countries.


This scholarship can be taken at McGill University, Canada.

Eligible Field/Course

You can study development related courses offered at the McGill University except the following:

Theology, Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Music, farm management, and Physical and occupational therapy.

Scholarship Type

Undergraduate Scholarship

Available Scholarships

67 awards will be given to undergraduates and 24 awards will be given to students enrolling for a graduate degree program at McGill University, Canada. This will total it 91 in all.

Selection Criteria

Interested applicants must meet the following criteria in order to be considered eligible for this scholarship.

  • Admission into McGill University is very competitive and you must meet the admission requirements of the institution.
  • This must be the first time you are applying for admission into a university. Transfer students will not be considered eligible for this scholarship.
  • Interested applicants must be a native of a Sub-Saharan African country or a French speaking country and must also be residing there.
  • You must prove that you can’t advance your education without this scholarship fund.

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$45 Million International Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship to Study in US 2018/19

This figure is awesomely huge to be ignored! The Michigan State University is hosting The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship 2018/19. All international undergraduates and graduates are currently invited to apply for this hot scholarship. Did I mention hot? Yes. But not in the sense of scalding your hands though.

The Michigan State University is in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship to offer students fully funded student grants to study from sub-Saharan African.

The Michigan State University (MSU) colloquially called Spartans was founded and established in 1855. It is a public research university located in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. It is recorded that the Michigan State University is one of the first higher institution to teach scientific agriculture in the United States. Today, they are offering a wide range of degree programs to its learners.

In terms of enrollment, Michigan State University is considered the largest in the United States. Currently, the institution ranks as one of the top 20 public universities in the United States and one of the best 100 universities in the world for research purposes.

Back to what’s on board. The Michigan State University will receive $45 Million USD from The MasterCard Foundation. This fund will be used to fully sponsor about 185 students to study any degree program of their choice in the University of Michigan. There are six United States Universities in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation on this scholarship program but the Michigan State University will host most of the scholars than other institutions.

100 Undergraduates and 85 graduate students will benefit from this student grant offered by The MasterCard Foundation. Whom will be considered more for this scholarship award? Students who are academically excellent and are financially disadvantaged will be given preference to others. These students must be willing to give back to their community hence they will well equipped with social and economic skills and competencies required to ignite growth in the system.

What is the Application Deadline?

Applications will no longer be received after 1st February 2018.

Target Countries

Students from all African countries are qualified to apply for this scholarship.

What Can I Study?

With this scholarship, you can study any course offered by the Michigan State University.

This scholarship is offered yearly and it has been offered since 2012.

Number of Scholarships

Not known

Scholarship Value

Full academic and social support from the $45 Million USD.


For the full period of study

Selection Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Be willing to give back to the community
  • Show strong ethical behaviors and commitment to study in their career path
  • Be an African student.
  • Possess great academic scores from previous school where he/she graduated from.

Kindly visit the scholarship link to read more on how to apply for this scholarship.

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International Engineering and English Graduate Scholarship in Japan 2018


Students wishing to study Engineering or English as part of their degree program can now smile as they are being offered an exclusive scholarship by The Hokkaido University. The MEXT e3 Scholarships is open for application from students who want to enroll to study an Engineering English program in the year 2018/19.

Many Engineering students are not aware that there are scholarships made specifically for them. While some who are aware don’t believe that it is actually being awarded. They did think it’s a hoax or some sort. Well, if you know any who doubts the existence of real and actual grants for school, tell them that there are numerous scholarships out there waiting to be grabbed by some Engineering students such as them.

The Hokkaido University is fondly called Hokudai. It’s a Japanese National University located in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Speaking of the top universities in Japan, this institution is considered as one. It was founded and established in September 1876. With over 21,000 Undergraduate and Graduate students, this institution has grown extensively in Japan. Formerly, it was called Sapporo Agricultural College before its name was changed to Hokkaido University in 1947. This school serves as the host for this MEXT e3 grant for school. Plus, they have a wide range of degree programs.

Most times, it’s great knowing that there are scholarship programs that supports what you wish to study and possibly take up as a career in the nearest future. Although this scholarship may require your presence on campus.

Eligible Countries

All foreign students from any country are welcomed to apply for this MEXT e3 Scholarship program offered by the University of Hokkaido.


Engineering English degree programs and other courses offered by the University of Hokkaido.

Scholarship Value

Each successful winner of this grant for school will receive the following benefits:

  • Students who are enrolling for a full-time Master’s degree program will receive 144,000 Yen monthly.
  • On the other hand, students who are full-time Doctoral degree students will receive 145,000 Yen monthly.
  • All recipients of this award will be granted travel funds to and from their home country.

Selection Criteria/Eligibility

Candidates need to meet this criteria so they can be considered for this scholarship award.

  • Applicants who will commence study on October 2018 must have been born after 2nd April 1982. This just the only age restriction.
  • Interested applicants must be native of a country that has diplomatic relationship with Japan.
  • Interested applicants should possess outstanding academic scores.
  • Applicants residing in Japan or a native of Japan is not qualified to apply for this scholarship.

How to Apply

  • Fill the MEXT e3 scholarship form.
  • Prepare and submit a good research proposal.
  • Provide two recommendation letter. One must be from your recent graduated institution.
  • English test score to show your command over the English language. If your institution’s language of instruction is English, you will need to provide a “medium of instruction” certificate from your school.
  • An abstract of your Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis.
  • A passport indicating your nationality and your photo included.

Scholarship Portal

Visit http://www.eng.hokudai.ac.jp/e3/images/documents/applicform17.docx to learn more