$1,500 scholarship For a Marine Science Course

Make sure you keep debt free by applying to the current faculty scholarship

You need to demonstrate your interest in marine science, furthermore as a disposition to pursue a career within the field in order to obtain this $1,500 student grant.

Today, the typical student is graduating with a minimum of $20,000 of loan debt, and that’s a fairly tough path to commence as a young adult who has just simply graduated from college and searching for employment to support himself or herself.

University on-line degrees typically appear cheaper than their ancient counterparts. However the reality is somewhere in between. Looking on what subject you would like to review, online universities can charge variable fees, and thus a medical degree can be quite expensive to learn than any social science course. There are alternative factors, as well. Some online universities have a very long history of existence with trail of magnificent services rendered over those years, whereas others could seem pretty murky.

Unfortunately, if a university is providing a degree at an excellent cheap value, it’s best that you simply consider before enrolling. Most of the days, if it sounds too sensible to be true, it most likely is. University online degrees may well be cheaper, however they’re not dirt-cheap. If an online university is not legally accredited, don’t waste your time there because you might end up regretting ever spending your money and time there.

In order for your degree to be recognized by workers or state establishments, it has to be acquired from an accredited university whether online or offline. If that’s not the case with the university you enrolled in, then you ought to extremely think about trying other places otherwise you can find yourself spending your cash for nothing.

Speaking of student grant, a tacky part of being a student is looking for money for school, so you’ll be able to make sure you won’t be two-faced with huge debt upon graduation. Nobody desires to begin their career by worrying on how to find a way to pay off student debts, right?

The best method to tackle getting student grant is to plan ahead. This implies you ought to begin considering undergraduate scholarships right all the way from high school. As luck would have it, there are couple of scholarships that don’t need you to be registered in any faculty at the moment of applying.

One such scholarship program is offered by “beneath the sea”, an establishment that desires to encourage students to kick-start a career in marine sciences. Thus if you’ve always been fascinated by the ocean, then I will say this an offer you will like to grab.

To apply to the Scholarship, you will be required to write a personal statement telling why you wish to pick up a career in marine sciences, and you ought to go further by stating your career goal. This will be done after you fill and submit the online application form.

Plus, two persons of good reputation in your community like instructors, teachers, mentors or employer will be required to write a recommendation letter for you.

15th December 2017 is the application deadline for this scholarship.

For more info, kindly visit http://www.beneaththesea.org/registration/calendardetail.aspx?ActivityKey=2018120&OrgKey=862

The University of Texas International Student Grant


The University of Texas is offering international undergraduate and graduate scholars a student grant award which is based on the need of the scholar.

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is a state research institution located in San Antonio, Texas, United States. The institution has been recorded to have over 28,000 students from many countries and as of 2014, it was ranked as the eight largest University in Texas.

The school possesses three campuses which covers over 750 acres of land with the main campus being the largest. The University of Texas offers a wide range of programs from undergraduate programs, graduate programs to doctoral degree programs.

It was awarded twice (2012 and 2013) by Times Higher Education as one of the best institution in the world under 50 years old.

The University of Texas was established and founded in June 5th, 1969 and it has affiliations with some academic bodies such as AASCU (American association of State Colleges and Universities), APLU, CNAHEC, AACU, and ORAU (Oak Ridge Associated Universities).

It has become a much known fact that not everyone is pocket-filled enough to attend a tertiary institution either as an undergraduate or a graduate. For the fact that Student “A” can afford t pay his fees doesn’t mean that Student “B” can, and neither does it mean that Student “C” shouldn’t be supported with any sum of student grant to enroll for any degree program that will probably rocket their career forward.

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is offering international students an opportunity to pursue for an undergraduate or graduate degree program offered by the institution under the student grant provided by UTSA. This scholarship will be taken in the host’s country – United States.

Most times, applying for scholarships can be quite technical and demeaning but it is our dedication and determination to get what we want that actually leads to success. In essence, there are certain requirements and criteria which is required of one to possess in order to be considered eligible for this scholarship award and they would be listed later on.

Target Students

This scholarship award is targeted towards all international undergraduate and graduate students form any part of the world.

Scholarship Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship is 15th October, 2017.

Value of Scholarship

The worth of scholarship award is dependent on the availability of funds.

Selection Criteria/Eligibility

  • Student need to maintain satisfactory academic progress and good position in their education.
  • Show financial need
  • GPA of at least, 2.0 must be maintained by undergraduates while graduates need to maintain GPA not less 3.0
  • Student must possess a J-1 or F-1 visa.
  • If possible, have a legal Social Security Number.
  • Student must be an international student (HB 1403 Students can apply for this scholarship too).

How to Apply

  • Interested applicants must submit their application form by the set deadline for this scholarship.
  • Submit a copy of your visa, a copy of your SSN card (Both sides if possible).
  • Indicate if you are married/ single and have any dependent living in the United States.
  • Write and submit a personal statement explaining that you need financial assistance and why.

Visit the link provided below to read more on how to apply and accessing the application form.

Scholarship Website

Kindly check http://www.utsa.edu/financialaid/types-of-aid/specialprog/intlgrant.html for more information.

$23,000 Scholarship to Study in Scandinavia

Do you know you can travel abroad and study with this student grant tailored for people who have demonstrated their interest in Arts?

All thanks to this scholarship program, Art inclined students can now pursue their creative arts dream in Scandinavia.

Have you recently graduated from a degree program, however you’re feeling you would like to increase your keep within the world of academia? If that’s the case, you may begin considering a post-grad licensed university program or any degree program online.

There’s conjointly another chance to think about. How about taking your study in another country entirely, especially Scandinavia? If you’ve been fascinated with Thor, Odin, and Vikings, you ought to know that, as an American graduate of any institution that offers degree programs; whether online or offline, you are eligible to apply for this student grant offered by The American-Scandinavian Foundation.

The American-Scandinavian Foundation offers student grant worth up to $23,000 to university graduates who wish to embark on a creative research study Scandinavia. Continue reading if this sounds like you.

This scholarship award provided by The American-Scandinavian Foundation is targeted towards graduate students who have demonstrated their interest in Arts and creative study. But yet, there are some requirements you need to possess in order to be considered eligible to receive this scholarship award. What are they?

You will be required to submit a project which defines your inspiration to apply for this scholarship. Furthermore, you will have to describe the type of labor you want to undertake in Scandinavia. Groups and teams can even be entered for the competition, however every team member should apply for the scholarship individually.

Pause. There is something you still need to keep in mind even though you have an excellent creative project that will definitely sweep the scholarship board members off their feet. The need to know how to speak and understand the language spoken in that country is important. You mustn’t speak the language at the native level but be able to communicate basically when required.

Candidates’ are expected to submit their tutorial and skilled affiliations as early as attainable within the application method.

Fellowships & Grants

But what if your dream isn’t to visit Scandinavia? What if you don’t need to depart your country so as to continue your studies? Then you’ll apply to the Legacy Scholarship targeted at University graduate Students offered by the ASID Foundation. The ASID Foundation scholarship also offers scholarship award to undergrads. This particular scholarship might require you to include a portfolio of your previous creative designs in your application.

You can click here to learn more about this scholarship https://www.asid.org/resources/awards/scholarships-and-grants